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Videographer/Videography Checklist

Only video can bring the sights, emotions, and sounds of your special day back to life. Today, a professional videographer can be counted on to produce anything from a simple documentary of your day, to a full cinematic experience that will be your favorite movie of all time. This is sometimes instead of, but moreoften working alongside, your photography team, as both mediums present different strengths for retelling your story.

Videography can be much more than one camera in the back of the church or temple, what we refer to as a "Camera on a Stick." Preserve your memories for years and generations to come!

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Optional moments to capture (besides the ceremony itself)
❏ Dress fitting
❏ Proposal Re-enactment
❏ Bridal shower
❏ Rehearsal
❏ Rehearsal Dinner
❏ Beauty shop
❏ Bridal preparations
❏ Groom preparations
❏ Ceremony
❏ Receiving Line
❏ Photo shoot (before or after ceremony)
❏ Reception

Questions for the Videographer
How many cameras will you use?
How many videographers will be present?
How many hours will they be present?
Do you shoot in High Definition?
How do you handle Audio (ceremony & reception)?
How many DVDs do I get?
What kind of packaging will I get?
Who will be the videographers at my wedding?
When can I expect my DVD to be finished?
Can I review my DVD and make a few changes?
Can you project video at my reception?
What are the charges for extra hours?
What are the charges for extra DVDs?
Will I be charged for travel?
Is your style more documentary or more cinematic?
How long have you been recording weddings?
Are you a member of any national and local wedding
videography associations?
Have you ever shot a wedding at my ceremony and
reception sites?

Ask your videographer about these creative ideas.

Not all videographers are equally creative or have the capacilities to perorm these, and when available you can expect to pay extra for them -- but for a unique feature or special guest experience (e.g. the same-day edit), they may be just what you're looking for!

Supermodel: Prior to the wedding, the bride at her best. Be a model for a day!
Life Stories Interview:The bride and groom tell the story of their life together including how they met, the day of the big proposal, and why they are so in love.
Projected Intro Reel: A special video produced to be projected at the reception, just prior to the couple's grand entrance.
Same-Day Edit: Highlights of your wedding day, edited and shown at the reception.
Growing Up Montage: Photos of the bride and groom growing up and together set to music.
Video Save the Date and Invitations: What could be more personal than a DVD of the couple inviting their guests to their big weekend!
Music Video: A fun romp, lip synching to your favorite song! A great stress reliever on your special day, or can be produced in advance and shown at the reception.
Cinematic Ceremony: The highlights of your ceremony, with soft romantic music tying together the sights and emotions.
Retrospective Highlights/Honeymoon: An interview with the couple after the honeymoon about what they remembered and what they were thinking during their special day, or a photo montage of the Honeymoon Experience
Personal Life Journalism: If you have an extended budget, consider bringing your personal documentarian with you on your Honeymoon to capture all the amazing places you go and experiences you have

* Some content for this checklist was taken from a checklist published in the Omaha World-Herald